Traveling to Rome, Milan, Florence, Siena,
Naples, Sorrento, and Vatican City.

The evening of July 7th 2016 will be an incredibly special event,
45 years in the making, returning to the ancient Roman Amphitheatre...

in the City of Pompeii.

For the first time since 79 A.D. - almost 2000 years ago - this
venue was home to a spectator event. The last time The Floyd
was here in 1971, they played to motion picture cameras,
not an audience.

* * * The show on July 7th, 2016 was approved in its entirety by
Italian authorities only ONE HOUR before show time, the main
concerns being the flaming cauldrons and fireworks to be
displayed in the 2nd encore.

This was nothing short of history in the making, and every one
of the 1800 in this limited attendance (the venue held 20,000
in its ancient days) knew this was something extra special.

This concert was filmed in HD, so watch for the
BluRay release later this summer!

Listed below are 100 pictures randomly uploaded from
a pool of over 2000 taken on my phone.