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Configuring PogoPlug drives in Ubuntu

Posted by Brian Higgins

You can always use to access your files from any browser, but you can also mount or map PogoPlug volumes as virtual drives in Windows, Mac, and Linux. I have no experience with the Mac configurations to date. While the Windows executables are pretty straight forward, the Linux configuration is a bit more in depth. This article focuses specifically on Ubuntu and the Aptitude utility to install the necessary libraries to support mounts to PogoPlug volumes.

Using Aptitude or Synaptic, install the required FUSE applications:
$ sudo apt-get install fusedav fuseext2 fusefat fusesmb

Download the 32bit or 64bit PogoPlug driver for Linux here:

Extract the single file named “pogoplugfs” to a directory like ~/myBIN/ for example.

Grant yourself rights to FUSE:
$ sudo usermod -a -G fuse $(id -u -n)

LOGOUT and LOGIN to make rights effective:
The quickest way is usually CTRL-ALT-BS or ALT-PRTSCR-K.

Create a mount point and grant permissions to it:
$ sudo mkdir /media/pogoplug
$ sudo chown root:fuse /media/pogoplug
$ sudo chmod 0775 /media/pogoplug

Mounting PogoPlug on Ubuntu (cannot sudo) as a background process:
$ ~/myBIN/pogoplugfs --user [YOUREMAIL] --password [YOURPASSWORD] --mountpoint /media/pogoplug &

Unmounting the pogoplug volume leaves the mountpoint intact FYI:
$ sudo umount /media/pogoplug

NOTE: Cannot seem to mount TrueCrypt files from Pogoplugs in Ubuntu, but can in Windows.

NOTE: Borrowed almost verbatim from the superb“How to install Pogoplug Drive Software on Ubuntu” article at

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